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For Him

For Him

  • Hair

    Hair Cuting For Men With Wash

    Aroma Facial

    Shave / Beard Trim

    Styling Hair Cuts For Men

    Mustache Trim

  • Bleach

    Face, Neck

    Full Back/ Front

    Full Hands

    Full Legs

    Under Arms


    Full Body

  • Clean Ups

    Aloe Vera Cleanup

    Aroma Cleanup

    VLCC Cleanup

  • Head Massage

    Olive Oil / Spa Oil

    Mythic Oil

  • Facials Basic

    Fruit Facial

    Aroma Facial

    Pearl / Diamond Facial

    Vitamin C Facial

    Shehnaz Gold Facial

  • Raga facials

    Youth Infinity Facial

    Pollution Free Facial

    Intense Hydrating Facial

    Acne Reducing Facial

    Ageless Facial

  • Treatments


    Hair Fall

  • VLCC Treatment Facials

    Brightning Radiant tone

    Melanoclear Whitening

    Nutri Hydra

    Pigment Clear

    Cell Renew Anti Ageing


  • Touch UP

    Colour (with ammonia)

  • Waxing

    Full Hands Waxing

    Under Arms

    Full Legs

    Full Back/front

    Full Body

  • Global

    Loreal MAGIRAL (with ammonia)

    Loreal INOA (without ammonia)

  • Massage

    Body Massage (45 Min)

    Body Massage (with Steam Bath And Jacuzzi) (1hr.30 Min)

    Swedish Massage (with Steam Bath )

  • Luxury Casmara Facials

    Organic Radiant Glow With Eye Treatment

    Organic Skin Lifting With Eye Treatment

    Organic Luminance Gold With Eye Treatment

  • Nail Care

    Nail Cut, Filling,Paint

    Fruit Scrub

    B. K. Aroma

    Berries Spa


    VLCC Oceana

    Amo's Signature

  • Detan with Polishing

    Back / Front Polishing

    Hands Polishing

    Legs Polishing

    Under Arms Polishing

    Half Arms

    Half Legs


    Full Body

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